Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When Presented Like a Genie

Another Regina Spektor song. It's really good. Come listen...
I took this picture last month. The clouds were so beautiful but the sun was in my eyes so I stuck out my hand and took two pictures with my eyes closed. As I looked over the photos after, I saw this one. It looks like heaven peeking out. If I ever doubted my religion in the past, I know I always believed in heaven. I don't know if anyone could ever convince me otherwise. For me, heaven is a symbol of hope. No harm in believing in hope right?

Have a lovely rest of the day.

Again, so sorry for not posting.
I meant to post in December but the holidays were a tad bit chaotic. I hope everyone had a good holiday. It seems that the people I cared about most had a horrible holiday. I wish I could've done something because I had a great one.


Tariro said...

MORENAAAA! omfg i miss you too!

Anonymous said...

The photo is awesome!

Cammila said...

That's a beautiful picture -- and a beautiful story behind it. It's wonderful to hear about your moments of inspiration. I know just what you mean about the craziness of the holidays, but I'm glad yours was lovely! :)

Ruta said...

Oh, I love that picture. So gorgeous.

Imogen said...

Beautiful picture and I think your interpretation is spot on. I hope your having a good year and I miss your posts.

English Rose ♥ said...

adore regina spektor, beautiful picture

Thanks so much for your lovely comment dearest, so sorry for the insanely late reply!

I'll add you to my blogroll right after this comment =]

Stay safe and chic darling,
English Rose x

Ruxandra said...

Indeed, we are all laughing with God.The photgraph is, well, a peek of Heaven.I miss your posts, but i hope you have a beautiful life that keeps you busy.Happy weekend:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Claire said...

Oh I love Regina Spektor too! I saw her last month and have struggled to get "Eet" and "Folding Chair" out of my head since.

Silk Ties said...

Lovely picture! Looking forward to your next post!


I hope you are all right and I also hope to see you back so soon!



Anonymous said...

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