Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've Never Had a Need to Explain Myself

Woah, two weeks without my fashion/philosophy posts?
Fashion: Emma Watson for TeenVogue was stunning and styling was amazing. I'm proud of TeenVogue. My favorite cover yet.
Philosophy: "What I really like about your blog is that I can see how you're so full of happiness when you write. You can tell it's your passion. Every time I read your blog, I wish that I loved something so much, and I could have a whole website about it. " A girl named Taylor had said that to me.

Hearing that made me think...

You see, no one ever actually asked me if "I loved fashion." It was always just assumed, I guess. My vocabulary does not consist of that phrase to be honest. So hearing Taylor tell me that, it made me think, DO I love fashion? The obvious answer is yes. Because it's like duh, how can I have a fashion blog and not love the fashion industry? But when it comes down to it, my answer is no. I do not love the fashion industry. How can I possibly love something so based upon superficiality, competitiveness, and backstabbing?
I don't love fashion, I love the feeling it gives me.

You know those people that say "fashion chose me." And it sounds so cliche when they say it, but now I've come to realize that that's true in my case. I didn't choose fashion. I didn't choose the feeling I get every time I talk about or live in it. (And yes, I do live in fashion. It's consumes my life.) We don't really have much control over our emotions anyway.

I can hardly find a way to explain this with words, but here is how I feel every time I get dressed, read glossy pages, or just anytime I indulge in fashion in any way: I start to get butterflies in my stomach, and I can't stop smiling and all that's running through my head are the same two sentences:
"This is my future. This is my life."

I believe more than anything that I have a future in fashion.
It really is my passion. It really is my dream.

What's your dream?
I'll be waiting to hear...

Love, Morena


Cathy Voyage said...

Emmo really looks stunning!

Eimear said...


She really does look stunning, doesn't she?

Thanks for the comment, I'll get to work on your gift right away and I'll be in touch about other important stuff soon enough! xx

Jennifer said...

I love Emma. She always looks beautiful and never disappoints.

I know how you feel about passion and loving something because it chooses you. That's how I feel about writing. I always knew I would end up in the journalism field. And like you, I don't love the industry itself. I don't like how the media treats celebrities and I don't like how some reporters hurt people to get stories, and I don't like how editors can be ruthless. But I love writing and that's all that matters. Love and passion are what get you in the door.

C'est Moi said...

I've always wanted to be a doctor, but I'm really not so great with people, so xnay on the doctor dream. Instead, I'll be putting people to sleep (anesthesiology). I have an extreme interest in fashion, but its almost too superficial for me. Maybe one day? But for now, it all works out well. P.S. The livid purple/fuschia dress is the bomb.

miss_vogue said...

i love your writing, and your blog is so cute!

Eda said...

I hope all your dreams will come true! Tonight I had a chat with my husband about our goals in life and I realized that my dreams and goals are too general...I want to be happy, I want to travel, I want to be good at my job...I must try to make them more clear:)

Tariro said...

You're like the fashionable philosopher so im guessing im the crazy poetic fashion child. Lol

I still need to get my issue but she looks AMAZING! And i feel that way too.

Piglet said...

Oh I love that spread with Emma, gorgeous!

The July Girl said...

I don't really have a dream...I just want to be successful and happy in life.

Imogen said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I know that like your posts, they have a lot of meaning and I have such wonderful readers for support. I like this post you just did. Emma looks amazing and I love all the outfits. You have a lot of style but also the right attitude about fashion and that is very refreshing to hear. I'm not really sure if I have a passion in life.Sometimes I think I lack that sort of direction. I think the dreams I have are very general, I would like to make them more specific.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Emma looks amazing!

Fashion was and is and always will be my dream! You're on your way girl! XO

cherrycolla said...

I love this photos end emma

Anonymous said...

your blog is stunning! one of the best looks on a blog ive seen ever.
you also have great inspirational posts, keep it up darling!!!
and thanks for your comments, i really appreciate it!

check out my blog @

Megan said...

I loved the Emma Watson spread in teen vogue as well. Her outfits were beautiful and the interview was insightful. Compared to other actresses, she seems really down to earth. Over the past few years, I've found music to be a passion of mine as well as writing. My dream would to be a journalist for some kind of music or entertainment magazine.

Anonymous said...

This is ally and I just wanted to say that we think alike again. I met emma last night. I've watched her grow up. And meeting her was like Woah. So great. Haha.

MJ said...

Emma Watson looks really cool. I like her because to me, she looks like she is intelligent and interesting and someone I'd get on with, not a vacuous paper doll.

My dream is to become a palaeontologist. Doesn't really go with fashion, I know, but since I started studying geology there's just something about all the life on this planet being so varied and stretching back so far that we're just the tiniest little blip on this end of the timescale... I find it breathtaking. And I want to be like Richard Fortey or Stephen Jay Gould and bring that feeling to a new generation.

*embarrassed shuffling of feet*

La Femme Chic said...

I don't have dreams. I just want to be brave and honest and true to the very end.

Rachel said...

You're so inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Morena lafemmechic was right!!!! You do rock at life.

Claire said...

Hi deary. sorry i havent been here in so long.

thanks you for the email!!

taylor said...

I disagree with you, [btw thanks for the shout-out in this post] but I think that it's okay to love fashion.. because fashion itself isnt mischevious, or backstabbing, or any of it. Its the people who create it that come with those things, the fashion is just the art, and nothing else.

I can legitimately say that I love the fashion industry. I love the idea of creating something extraordinary out of a square of fabric sitting on a sewing table. And I love the idea of taking an old dress your grandmother used to wear and transforming it into something that no one else has. It comes with a feeling of pride. It comes with a feeling of excitement.. especially for me.. because wehere I'm from. No one knows it like I do.. There arent many people my age who DO know as much about the industry as I do.. and I love that. I love knowing so much about fashion because fashion is the key to individuality, and uniqueness.

My dream, my dream, my dream. My dream has been, since I was 7 years old, to be a buyer. I've wanted to be a buyer since the day I heard what buyer meant. I'd love to be a buyer for a store like Macy's, or Nordstrom's, or Neiman Marcus, or even Urban Outfitters. I'd love to be the person who made the decision as to what people would love to wear, and giving them the oppurtunity to wear it.. that kind of power just doesn't happen to anyone. :]

And I also plan on working with UNICEF. I want to become an ambassador and do something about unvaccined infants and possibly hunger.

Another dream of mine is to become a student at FIT, majoring in Advertising and marketing communications..

but more than anything, I want to be successful enough to where I can support myself and my children, without compromise and without struggle, to where there is no need for anyone else to do it for me..

and all my life I never thought my dreams were ever possible, until a little girl named Morena proved to me that it was.


taylor said...

Your terribly awful at sensing sarcasm.

I knew that you weren't talking about me.. LOL.. I was saying like, 'OOH THERE'S MY NAME SO SHE'S TALKING ABOUT ME'

It was funny in my head but whatever. :]

And I won't deny that you've had a part in changing my life.. all of you did. All of you played a part. Or maybe for a lack of a better word, saved it. Yeah.. I'd say that you saved it, and then changed it. By proving that I'm worth something, and that no one is allowed to tell me otherwise.

So yeah.. you've changed it in a sense.. And I'm not afraid to admit that.. I'd like to think that I've changed lives too.. or maybe played a part in making someone happier.

And I'm glad I made your day.. I love making your day because you're so easily excited.. there should be more people like that in this world.

Looney Linley said...

Hmm. Well, first off I have to disagree with your statement that we do not have much control over our emotions. I believe you choose how you feel. Maybe not initially, but in the end, it's up to you-- I think your optimistic view on life sort of proves that.

As for my dreams... I want to get a doctorate in physical therapy and hippotherapy certification (that's therapy for people through the use of horses). Why? Well I think I have a blog coming on this, but the other day after I got done with my volunteer session at the local therapeutic riding center the grandma of one of the cutest little girls stopped me to say, "I don't know if anyone has said this to you, but thank you so much for helping at this program. You don't work with my granddaughter, but it's people like you that have helped her learn to walk. Now she can get around the halls at her school and everywhere so much better." Plus, I want to marry my boyfriend of three and a half years, live in the country with several of my own horses and connect kids with them the way I have been.

You, dear, are beautiful. :)

Hayley said...

i love love love the emma wastson spread also. she looks so incredibly beautiful and the colors are gorgeous!
as for your philosophy, you write so beautifully. i just can't explain it. but i just love reading what you have to say.

Tiffany said...

my dream is to make my blog as popular and as famous as possible oh and also to meet b5 and become a member of the usa womens olympic volleyball team oh and to make lots of money and get a puppy<3 i have waaaay to many dreams lol

Harriet said...

Those pictures of Emma Watson are amazing, I love that they don't try and make her look too old either.

I'm still looking for my passion, but I love hearing other people talk about what they are passionate about for inspiration, so thank you!

Alice in vintageland said...

I love that cover and spread tooo, it even inspired me to create a huge pink bow! I love books, music, traveling, movies and beautiful clothes!:)

Anonymous said...

Its my favourite Teen Vogue editorial also..its so different to what they usually do..its so magical and enchanting.
I know exactly what you mean when you say fashion chooses you. I live and breathe it(as cheesy as that sounds) and I know its what I want to devote my whole life to. A new pair of shoes, my latest issue of Vogue or even an image I find that inspires me literally sends shivers of excitement down my spine. Of course there is a whole superficial shallow side to fashion but for me I see fashion as an art and a way of expressing yourself. Many people spend endless money on clothes to impress friends or men but I can honestly say I dress for no one else except myself.x

Ruxandra said...

emma looks dream, more than becoming a writer or photgrapher, or even jurnalist or just a traveller, my dream is becoming someone without loosing the real become human before anything else, and t remain, if not in history, in some people's heart.

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Megha Sharma said...

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I adore that cover and spread as well, it even enlivened me to make a colossal pink bow! I cherish books, music, voyaging, motion pictures and lovely garments!