Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honey, it’s the Camera That Loves Me

I'm really not all that interesting you guys. But I was tagged by three different people last week so I assumed someone wanted to know more about me. I decided to do this tag and will post the answer to your "tag" questions later this week. A special thank you to my "taggers" Sarah, Brooke, and Emmy.

So now, here we and philosophy time.

Well for the fashion, how's this?

(Picture Taken by our friends: Tiffany Moore and helped by Tiffany O'dwyer.)
Is that not such a cute shot? Someone asked me if it was professionally done. Nope! That's just my gorgeous friend Chelsea and I taking some pictures at lunch. I thought it was really pretty. Especially considering it was not lighted correctly and it was an amateur shot. (Chelsea's pretty right? I told you guys. I'll be doing a post about her and two other people soon. They're my picks for my "fashion icons in real life." Post should come in about two weeks.)

In other news...
Here's my Philosophy bit for the day: It's an essay I wrote about an event in my life that left a "mark" on me. Read it if you'd like. I'd love it if you did. This essay was an exercise in writing a narrative with sensory details:

“You may just start a chain reaction” were seven little words that changed my life. Cliché but it’s so true. They were said by Rachel Joy Scott whom was the first victim in the Columbine shootings back in 1999. Those seven words not only impacted me personally, but it helped me better the world surrounding us.

I remember the day quite well. It was near the end of February on the twenty-fifth which I believe was a Wednesday. It was an even day, so as always I went to my second period class. I sat in Drama with the rest of my class awaiting my teacher’s arrival. We were anxious to know what the agenda was for today, because in Drama anything goes.

Right as the bell rang, Ms. Hubbard appeared in front of us with her prospective smile. She announced that today we were going to attend an assembly. The class of course was enthusiastic about the change in plans, and an assortment of whispers accumulated in the classroom. No one could sit still as Ms. Hubbard took roll. I finally decided to be the brave one and asked her what this assembly was about.

“We don’t really have much time so you will just have to wait and see,” Ms. Hubbard had said.

About ten minutes into class, we were instructed to line up at the door and then head to the auditorium. The walk to the auditorium seemed to be dragging on for the longest time. When we finally got there, we sat down in the ninth row on the left side of the auditorium. I recall sitting in between Sarah and Alex. We decided to start talking about Tyra Banks to pass the time before this assembly started. Then finally, the lights dimmed and a nice lady in a pale green sweater emerged from backstage. She started talking to us about the Columbine shootings and explained what it was to those who didn’t know. The minute I heard the lady mention Columbine, I knew this assembly would intrigue me because of the importance of the matter. She went into this whole spiel about how scary the event was for her community. I found myself quite empathetic as usual; it’s how I naturally react to everything.

Subsequently, a video was put on telling the story of one Columbine victim in particular. Her name was Rachel. The video showed us some of the passages she had written in her diary. Most of which were about eliminating prejudice, choosing kind words, as well as “starting a chain reaction.”

Right then and there I decided that this girl was more like me than I could ever imagine. I do not exaggerate when I say that everything Rachel had written was something I had written myself. I have proof of that on my public blog. As the video progressed, I sat there crying. It wasn’t like one of those heavy crying moments where you feel like you can’t stop. It was one of those light-teary cries where at that moment, you feel truly touched. I remember turning to Sarah a few times because she was crying as well.

“Oh gosh this is really sad,” Sarah had said, briefly laughing off her tears.

“I know, but I’m not crying out of sadness. I’m just really inspired,” I replied.

This was very true. I decided that I have never been more inspired in my life. In the middle of that thought, the lights came on. The lady in the pale green sweater talked a little more, but I remember her last words vaguely. I sat quietly with my chin rested on my hand, just thinking.

Before I knew it, the assembly was over, all the lights were on, and everyone was ready to go or already gone. I got up and walked out to nutrition still quiet with my head down. Still in deep thought, I bumped into a closed door. That’s when I was fully aware that I wasn’t in that auditorium anymore and I got back into my normal state.

At nutrition, I told those who did not get to attend the assembly about who Rachel was.

“She was such a beautiful girl and the things she said were so amazing,” I said.

“Aw, I feel awful missing the assembly to make up a test,” Lauren replied. “But from what you’ve told me, she sounds a lot like you.”

I only hoped that I was anything like Rachel. Throughout the rest of the day I made it a point to say hi to everyone I knew that passed me. That was one of the things I picked up from the assembly. They had told us that sometimes one little wave or smile can really mean something. I made sure to wave and smile at everyone. I vowed to continue that everyday.

In my head I just thought, “Wow, Rachel really is starting a chain reaction through me.” I never heard her voice, but I listened to her words. Since that day at the assembly, I know I’ve made the world around me a much better place. All of the conceited jokes aside, I really believe that. Rachel Joy Scott is someone I look forward to meeting in heaven. I truly care about her because even though I didn’t get to meet her physically, I can sense her spirit through her writing and that’s all that is important to me. I think it’s the same concept behind finding ourselves “loving” celebrities whom we’ve never met. I’ve come to find that it really is about your spirit. Rachel brightened mine, and I only hope I’ve done the same to others.

The End.

Thanks For Reading.




Annie said...

you are honestly one of the sweetest and most inspiring people i have ever... well, not met, but you know what i'm getting at. you write so beautifully and passionately, and it's lovely how much of an impact rachel's story made on you. being unconditionally kind to people is something i definitely strive for, but i know i have a long way to go. thank you for inspiring me :)

Megan said...

you are inspiring morena!

Eda said...

Beautiful post! Your words inspire me !

Jennifer said...

I know Rachel is smiling in heaven, knowing her words inspired and impacted you so deeply. :)

Cesc said...

What a lovely and beautifully crafted piece of writing! It's a complete tear-jerker!


Emz said...

Aww that's so inspiring. Cute photo!

MAGDArling said...

love what u wrote;D
and that picture is so pretty;D and u look cute in pink;)))

Jennifer said...

Cute pic!
And yeah, now it makes more sense. Your essay is really good. And it just proves what a great writer you are--I totally thought it was just an inspiring message you wrote for the blog. Hehe. ;)
It's nice to know your casual voice of the blog is just as eloquent as your schoolwork.

Annie said...

Such a tragedy....

And that pic of you and your friend is totally darling

Megan said...

You take wonderful lunch photos :)
I love eating outside.

Cathy Voyage said...

Lovely post!

Victoria-H said...

Oh honey, thank you :) Hiihi
Oh, and u look adorable! and very inspiring writing!

Claudia said...

so inspiring! i like your outfit too

Karen said...

i love the picture
it looks soc ute and your poses are adorable!! xox

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Fashion Moment said...

You look so adorable!


diane said...

Welcome to the spiritual world. You totally nailed it. xo

NewYorkChique said...

morena, that picture is so cute! both of you are really pretty.

thankyou for sharing the essay, it's so sad what happened.

NewYorkChique said...

morena, that picture is so cute! both of you are really pretty.

thankyou for sharing the essay, it's so sad what happened.

Ruta said...

love the essay, truly inspiring and that photo is gorgeous

Imogen said...

Thanks, I really appreciate your comment, your so nice. I love the picture that you posted. It does look professional and I love your top. Also, your essay is inspiring and well written. I almost cired myself when I got to the end of it. I have read the book about Rachel and I remember someone coming to talk to us about her at school as well. It was a few years ago now. The way you described her is so true. You are beautiful like her too.

Anonymous said...

ooh so inspiring, but i know to expect nothing less of you :-)

Jimena said...

oh dear.. U look Amazing!!!
thanx for ur comment... I've been sick all week..but i'm much better...i think...hehe
take care!

Meaghan said...

I'M ALIVE!!!!! Thank you for the comment a million years ago, and I've promised to be much better. That shot of you and your friend is ADORABLE! I've missed you<3 =]

lamaa said...

You're so cute. You look like one of John&Kate+8's kids in 10 years.

I'm fine btw. Thanks for worrying. I miss you so much.. I've just been sorta busy. Trying to stay sane and all that.

Ariella said...

That's a lovely post and a very touching read.

That picture is very lovely as well.


You are so sweet girl!

You are one of the most cute girls of the web!

a kiss and a hug,
Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my birthday!

see you!


Taylor said...

Damnn girlie.

You're hair is so chic.

Love you. :]


La Femme Chic said...

Ahh! Your friend's dress is a la Miranda from Sex In The City. I LOVE IT!

Hayley said...

Rachel's Challenge came to our school and it was amazing (:
thank you so much for the lovely comments, and i gave you an award... :D

Ally said...

this is lovely. and you need to log on to poly...just do it. taylor and i left you comments. and you need to go read my blog skip over the first two posts and read that's a freak out. and then sometime between wednesday and monday taylor wants to do a chat with all of us. :) you are a great writer. really great. this is great. i think i saw the same presentation.

Sadako said...

Adorable! I love the pic. I look so terrible in snapshots, I'm so jealous of ppl who photograph well.

Meaghan said...

YAY! I'm happy to be back. I will be back much more now that school is winding down. 6 days of classes and just a few projects to go until FREEDOM! well. relative freedom. still have to work 7 days a week at 2 jobs =[ looking forward to your next entry =]

HoneyBunny said...

Oh my, I love reading you! You're so inspiring and you can put that through by your texts. Loved it<3

And that photos is really cute:)

Chelsea Bryan Knights said...

Bonjour Morena! I just made my own blog last night. It's just a start . . . but feel free to check it out anyways. I'd love to here your opinion, because you're such a blogging pro and all your posts are lovely!

Cammila said...

What a lovely, personal story. Making your own experience so available to the reader makes your overall idea even clearer -- just the same way that Rachel's story made her own ideas even clearer to you! All part of the chain reaction. And now even more of us get to be a part of it. :)

esther said...

wow, this was so inspiring to read! morena you truly are a ray of sunshine, and i don't even know you in person, but i can feel your joy through your writing. thanks for being you!

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