Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Hotness" and Its Different Sides

An article in TeenVogue has inspired this post. They were talking about what's "Girl Hot" and VS. "Guy Hot." So I decided I will show you what I think is "girl hot."

But first...a little note:
If you type in "pretty" into Google Images, this comes up:

If you type in "beautiful," this picture comes up:

Ironic isn't it? We're in a Male dominated world and that's apparent even on Google Images. Because when you type in "pretty" or "beautiful" you see pictures of what's considered "guy hot."

So now let ME show you pretty and beautiful and "hot."

What's PRETTY:

(Natalie Portman in Marie Claire)


(Kate Winslet)

What's Girl HOT:

(Coco Rocha)

So believe it or not, I asked a lot of guys and most did not respond to Coco Rocha, Natalie Portman, or Kate Winslet. I beg to differ. Don't you?


P.S. Please excuse my mini hiatus.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Yeah, completely agree.

Jennifer said...

Ew, that's just sad.

Bucca said...
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Bucca said...

Certainly do agree!
Google is wrong this time lol.

Oh new post come by and check it out :)

Rylie said...

I def agree.
that picture... jeez. Her boobs are HUGE!! O.o
crazy huge.

lamaa said...

Coco is not hot. That sounds weird. She's beautiful. Pretty is like.. soft looking people, not so gorgeous, but not ugly. They're pretty.

Hot is sexy. Megan Fox is hot. She's also beautiful, but you know what I mean.

I miss you btw

Imogen said...

I like this post, very original. Kate Winslett is beautiful.

Eda said...

Who cares what men think?!:)

the.ramonas said...

thanks for your sweet comment :) glad to see you back. its been a while now! blog's looking niceee.


Cammila said...

I love discussing this topic! I think you definitely nailed it. Socially speaking, this idea of "guy hot" is intrinsically linked to overt sexuality, whereas when a woman is recognized as beautiful more exclusively by other women, it's linked to specifically nonsexual traits, like slenderness (linked by proxy to smaller boobs, butt, other grabable parts).

It also seems like women see a lot more beauty in an interesting looking face, with lots of bone structure (high cheekbones, etc), while "guy hot" women tend to have more child like faces, with more "button" noses and rounded cheeks. I've read that some of our neurological triggers for attraction are linked to unconscious perceptions of vitality, so maybe that explains a possible preference for features like this? Which isn't to comment on what I, or anybody, should think is attractive, but I think it helps define the parameters for what these "guy hot" and "girl hot" terms tend to mean when they're used.

I also wonder how nonphysical perceptions enter into this. If the pictures that a collection of men and women are looking at are of celebrities, who have public personas, does the sexual or not-particularly-sexual nature of that persona effect the viewers perception of the person? Assuming that the viewers are familiar with all the celebs they're looking at, I think it might. Scarlett Johansson has a fantastic proportion of, um "grabable" parts, but you know, before she made it big and started dolling up for the red carpet, she played a lot of really pensive, modest roles, and was not thought of as particularly sexy! I was one of a lot of girls who kind of thought of her as a thinking-woman's beauty -- very "girl hot." But of course, when her image became more vixenly, she became the epitome of "guy hot."

Conversely, Paris Hilton is pretty "high fashion" looking if you think about it -- she's quite svelte and has a highly structured, feature-heavy face. And yet her public image is so heavily sexualized, I'd bet men would call her hot more than women would, at a rate of 10 to 1.

This stuff is just so fascinating! Thanks for bringing it up and letting me pretend I'm a social psychologist! ;)

La Femme Chic said...

I LOVE HER! She is so freakin beautiful

casual cutie said...

wow wow..i love coco rocha dress..gorgeous..

MAGDArling said...

i love Coco Rocha;D she's beautiful;)))
and yeah, there are hundreds situations a day i don't get guys at all;))) haha;D

Oranges And Apples said...

These google images pics are WEIRD!

Its not necessarily true that guys only like 'guy hot'. My boyfriend and lots of his friends used to have a minor Natalie Portman obsession and I know for a fact he'd think the second google pic is horrible.

I think sometimes guys pretend to each other that they find all these big boobed, tons of make up people hot, when they dont actually. Its a social thing.