Thursday, March 5, 2009

You know That Girl, Right?

~The one who's life seems so perfect.
~The one who's so happy all the time, smiling and such.
~And she always says hi to you, and random people say hi to her.
~She seems to have all the luck. She seems to just have it all.
~But we all know she secretly doesn't. We all secretly know that her life isn't perfect. We all secretly know that it's just her attitude that takes her places.
~That girl that people talk about, in both good and bad ways.
~That girl who people say that they want to be like. Which is happy. And that they're jealous of how much she enjoys being alive.
~The girl who's style everyone either loves or hates. But we all know she could care less.
~She's the one who doesn't play hard to get, because she IS hard to get. She just doesn't fall for anyone.
~You know that girl who is so innocent. Doesn't drink, smoke pot, or anything remotely close.
~The one who plays up her innocence because she doesn't see anything bad about it.
~The one who's hair is the same color as her eyes.
~The one who's not too tall, and not too short. Just at 5'4, and you know she's loving it.
~She's the girl who seems dumb, but when you listen to her and get to know her, she gives you a look into her soul and you see way past your preconceived perceptions of her.
~Come on, you still don't know her? That girl in the circle that tells all the stories, and makes everyone smile and laugh.
~She's the one with the crazy, and embarrassing stories that she's not ashamed to tell.
~This girl that has such a passion for her future, and she's always loving life.
~The girl that walks around, HAPPY to be alive and telling that everyone who crosses her path.

...that girl is me.


Elias Orozco said...

Omg I knew who it was the
Moment u started reading I like it I always like the

But u know what thats really good that u do all this and ur last blog about the all the good stuff in ur life is goungnwell that good ! :)

I M really happie for you sweetheart and keep doing what ur doing because ur fabulous in ur own little at and ur good at what u do

I wish I could e a
Little more like u

I want to
Model myself some time soon :)

Love Elias boo ! :)

Belle said...

I hope that girl is me too, in many ways she is.
Your back ground is super cute as well.

Belle said...

Wow, fast response!
I really like your blog, I will follow yours as well.

Lesley Denford said...

Awwww, I totally love this, Morena Doll! What a fab attitude and confidence. Makes me smile big. :)

Ally said... i love that you have self confidence and everything...but, idk how to word what i'm trying to say...

anyway...i guess taht when your are online next i'll explain it.

sarah said...

morena you are so confident, it's cuh-razy. [;

lam said...

Wewt for arrogance!

lam said...

What comment was weird?

lam said...

Oh and.. your life doesn't seem perfect, nobodys does.
I also don't think your style is outrageous or anything. So I don't think people could hate it. It's always the crazy dressed people who get the love or hate opinion.
And 5'4 so short! Not a bad thing but you're so tiny haha.

And you really don't seem dumb either.

Mary said...

Aww, confidence is good!

and I don't have a polyvore.. I have one called hail_mary I think lurking around there but theres maybe 2 outfits on it?

why, whats up?

Anonymous said...

oh morena.
i so wish i were more like you. <3

Victoria said...

thats so cute!!
i wish more people were as enthusiastic about life as you are :)

Looney Linley said...

this made me smile and think

i guess i knew you were talking about yourself but it also sounded like me. even more though, it sounded like my friend jocelyn. she was that girl exactly and then she committed suicide (not meaning to connect that to you or me)

it just makes you pay attention to everyone so much close. i know that you do so keep it up :)