Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Perception of that Matter

Since my last post, I've been this floaty and happy person. I realized this, when I wrote that "blissful" post this past Friday, I wasn't expressing happiness, per say. It was all just joy that was driven by small events. (Read below post for details.) Today I realized that I really actually AM happy. Because it was just a regular day, and yet I felt so amazing. This is why I'm grateful to be living in California, because the weather can be just absolutely perfect in the beginning of March. Just enough sun, but just enough breeze, you know? So now I know, happiness and joy are two different things. Luckily, I have possessed both emotions in the recent days. I don't know what's been happening but everything just actually been going well. Between Monday and today, 3 random guys opened the door for me. I'm thinking maybe it's my attitude. I've always believed what you perceive the world as, is what the world will become for you.

You see, I've had a recent epiphany. I realized that most people are just space fillers on this planet. I want to actually be productive and make use of my time here. I want to be happy in the little time that I'm here you know? So that's why I've just been living with high spirits, positve energy, and a replenished soul.
Try that sometime. It could be a very good thing for you.

xx, Morena

P.S. I made a new Polyvore. Check it:
Walk a thousand STYLES


Kylieee said...

you sound so happy. im jealous. hahah.

Lauren! :) said...

ahh i love california weather too! i loved that it said it was suppose to rain today and i was fine in a dress with crew socks and vans :D but i know you love these comments because it lets you KNOW that i read them! :) ilyyy morena!

p.s: i'll be 15 in 11 hours!!

Kyliee said...

i loveee your blog.
its so ...insighful! haha

Ally said...

one persons mood can effect so many other people in the slightest way.

i forgot what i was gonna say.

but yeah...i'm happy. like really happy. for the first time in a long time. and i think that has to do with you know what. i'd be a hell of alot happier if the shitty cold went away...

Morena said...

I agree.
I think I make people even happier now. :) I even say hi to everyone I know just to make them smile you know? It's all because my mood.

Mary said...

UGHHH I want more skirts and dresses and blouses!
Send me your polyvore in real life version please? Hah

Jennifer said...

I'm happy I was able to contribute to your blissful day. :)

And its interesting because I think you and I are going through opposite phases right now. I truly believe that people's moods affects everything around them.
So, yesterday when I was depressed (about money issues, Rian, my job being in jeapordy, etc.) it created all of this negative energy, which attracted all these bad incidents to happen to me.
Whereas you emit peace and joy and sweetness, so all these wonderful things are happening to you because of the atmosphere you create.
That's not too weird, is it? Just a thought.

And yeah, it doesn't hurt to live in sunny California. Haha.

Hayley said...

i soo agree, on the whole attitude thing i mean. over the summer, i gave myself a huge attitude readjustment and now i have more friends, i'm doing better in school, i'm soooo much happier, and trust me, you definitely get more attention from boys when you're happy (:

Anonymous said...

hahaha wtf
so fake l0s3r

lam said...

Bitch please. I'm not a space filler, i iz da center of da univerzse.

OK and I hate you. Because I'm envious of your weather. Toronto weather is beautiful right now though, so I should shutttupp.




Charm said...

polyvore is waaaaay too much fun sometimes. the colours on yours are so pretty...

lam said...

My pervious comment isn't odd at all. It's..awesome.

Ashford said...

ruffles ruffles ruffles YES!

Savile said...

hey! thats for following me. I know you did it a while ago i i really dont have a reason why i didnt follow back, but i was in keep with you posts. Just wanted to mention that i linked you on one of my posts talking about upcoming teen fashionistas on the web.