Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She's Super Chic...and Super Sweet

Today I was scrolling down my blog roll list and all of a sudden I see the "La Femme Chic" blog with a picture of myself on it. So then I clicked the link to see what the whole ordeal was about, and guess what...she did a whole post...about ME.

She just made my day. Check her out: HERE
She was basically my first "blog friend" as well as a big inspiration for me when I first discovered this place we like to call the blogosphere.

So go read the post: HERE
It really made my day. I've come down with a bad flu, however it doesn't affect me anymore. This girl made me smile. :)

Her name's Jaisha, and she's just as stylish, or I think maybe even more stylish than myself. She's a great new read if you have not discovered her already.


Ruta said...

haha, I read that today and i have to say i adored her post.

the outfit she posted you wearing was adorable as well.

La Femme Chic said...

Wow what a unique post! I remember a similar one earlier today..hmm, Oh wait that's right I did! COPY CAT ahah I joke. How do you even know I'm stylish huh? In fact, I'm not stylish at all, I secretly wear sweats with faux fur lined crocs every day to school. HA.

I'm glad I could make you feel better though.

Morena Doll said...

Jaisha you silly girl.

And I know you're stylish because it's just what you put off in your writing. :)

The Big Sis said...

awhhH! hahhah thats so freaking sweet of her. :)

Ruta said...

awww, sure :)

Bucca said...

and thanks for the tag I will post my answers soon xx!

Tariro said...

You deserve that!

Imogen said...

Congratulations, I read the post about you, very nice. I love the outfit your wearing in the post too.

brooke said...

hey. wow, that is such an honour!! which blog of yours do you want to trade links with, this one?? let me know and i'll do it asap =]
thanks for your comment!!
brooke xx

Jimena said...

that was really sweet of her...

SnickerDoodle said...

aww thats really nice

i love you too!

Gladys said...

Wowee thanks for following! Love your blog! :D

Kira Fashion said...

so cool!
You are amazing! Deserve that!

a kiss and a hug my sweet friend :)

Couture Carrie said...



Mary said...

Aw! Cute!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Oh lovely, those kinds of suprises are the best, and make you feel all warm and happy!

La Couturier said...

Awww, congrats on the feature! =]

La C.

Chris said...

Pesonally I think just your smile would be enough to write a blog post about!? :) Let alone your excellent blog full of great postings.

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