Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Voice for the Girl we Never Heard...

Today we had an assembly about “Rachel’s Challenge” which is basically about a girl named Rachel that was shot during the horrible Columbine shootings. I saw a lot of myself in Rachel. She was one of those people that you’re easily touched by...because judging from her writing, you knew she wanted to make the world a better place. She stood for everything I believed in, it was amazing.

What wasn’t so amazing was…

A close friend of mine talked to me after the assembly and had said, “inspiration should not come from what some girl that was shot wrote in a school assignment about spreading kindness.” He had said a couple of other things as well, however this statement stuck out to me the most.

I comprehend what he said, however I’m not sure I quite understand. How can that not be inspirational? I get that he’s mad because the whole assembly was a bit biased because it made Rachel out to be this amazing person, and it didn’t even show the shooters’ side of the story. The assembly was basically saying that those two guys from Columbine were just bad people who decided to shoot students, not even explaining THEIR side of the story. I understand that he’s upset about that part, with the bias. However, the fact of the matter is…Rachel WAS an amazing person. That you can’t deny. As we heard her diary entries and excerpts from her essay, each word reminded me of something I had written on this blog or something I had told another person. It was nice to see that there were other young people out there who saw the brighter side of life.

Most teenagers don’t really get to see the bright side to life. They feel as if the world is against them, and in many ways…they have a right to think so. But you can really only take that state of mind so far, letting that affect your life is not healthy. It’s such a shame too because life is so beautiful, but the effects of bad surroundings keep young people from seeing that. There’s so much to appreciate but the little time that we have to live is sometimes wasted by anger and hurt.

Just know this, each day that you wake up and think either:

“I’m going to have a good day.”


“Today’s going to suck.”

You’re making an impact on your surroundings. Know that every little choice you make is noticed, even if you're not aware of it.

What makes the world a better place?

It’s the little things.

It’s the good intentions you hold in the silence of your hearts.

Remember that sometimes, it the silence that speaks the loudest.

With Love,



sarah said...

okay, here's the thing. i saw the assembly today as well. and i agree with you, but i also kind of agree with your friend...but in a different sort of way. i think it's great, what Rachel wrote and how she viewed things and all that. i think the whole point of Rachel's Challenge is great. she IS an insirational person, but they really do kind of put her up on a pedestal. what about the other people killed in the shooting? who's to say that they aren't just as inspirational as she is?

Lauren :) said...

morena! i'm so bummed i miss the assembly!! you're amazing! <3

Ally said...

I agree with Sarah. I kinda think that surrounding Columbine there's such....idk the word for it. But like....I don't know how to word this and I don't want it to come out wierd or bad sounding. my freshman year we had this really great assembly. This guy came in a told us to tell people that they're beautiful, everyday. Because the littlest thing can affect/effect a person. He was talking about this guy who was going to jump off a bridge and as he walked out there someone said "hi" to him and just saying that made him turn around and go home. He did that everyday until the day no one smiled or said hello and then that day, he jump to his death.

And I guess this all goes back to just to be kind to everyone, say hello to the person you don't talk to, tell the poeple you love them more, give an extra hug, and extra kiss. you never know when it'll be the last time you ever see that person.

Read "She said Yes" it made me bawl my eyes out....and its about Columbine.

Jennifer said...

The other kids who were shot during the Columbine tragedy were probably just as sweet and inspirational as Rachel. But her parents are the ones who actively decided to create this event in her honor. Her legacy lives on because of it.

And as for the shooters' point of view...I don't even know where to begin on that one. I remember when Columbine happened (I was a freshman in high school). A lot of the students on tv from Columbine said they were shocked that Rachel was one of the victims. They said she was just a sweet girl who was popular and liked everyone. The shooters must have just been bitter toward her because everyone liked her and she was well known in the school...who knows.

It's such a tragedy and breaks my heart every time I remember that awful shooting spree. But it makes me smile to know that Rachel was so loved to have this program created for her to live on through.

Savile said...

I found it as a link on someone elses blog. you're welcome :]