Thursday, February 12, 2009

Under That Same Star

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Excuse me if I'm wrong but don't we all live on the same earth?
We are all human. So why does discrimination occur?
I live in the most diverse city in California, yet in my high school, so much discrimination occurs. I've heard stabs at "fat" people, and gay people, and African-Americans and so much more. So I wonder why this happens. Then I realize it's because the world is "tolerant." And that's about all we can say for that matter.

One thing that would make the world a better place is if people learn that there's the biggest difference between tolerance and acceptance. I got into conversation about this with my Health teacher today. In the time that I was talking to him, it was such a wonderful realization process. Most human are like this, "I hate your kind of people, but I'll let you live here because I'm a tolerant person." That makes no sense at all.

In our younger generation we have learned to be more open-minded in terms of controversial issues. My favorite is definitely Prop 8. I talked about this today with him too. I told him that with myself, I believe NO all the way on Prop 8. However, of course my parents were a YES. It's just because I am from this generation and values slowly evolve. Hundreds of years ago inter-racial marriage wasn't allowed either right? But then people just started to accept it.
Acceptance is really all it takes. You see, there's this kid that I know, Derek, and we discussed him as well. Derek is very religious and he was a YES on Prop 8, amongst all of us "liberal" students that were a NO on Prop 8. So many people got angry at Derek for his opinion. However, what the other students didn't realize is that they are doing the exact same thing as Derek. They are discriminating against him because of who he was and what he thought, just like Derek discriminated against gay people. See? So we must just leave Derek alone, just like we want him to leave gay marriage alone. His opinion does not make him any less of a wonderful person.

Just think about this...
EVERYONE is different. Accept it. Move on. No discrimination necessary.
We all live under the same sun anyway right?

With Love,


lam said...

I agree. But by accepting his opinion it's tolerating his discrimination. It's all a cycle. Everyone just needs to fuck off and worry about themselves.

Not you.. or this post.. I mean in general.

Lily said...

I think we need to go a notch further; tolerating, accepting, and then there is embracing.

Morena said...

Exactly Lam.
And Lily :) That's totally true!

samson said...

while I agree with 90 percent of this. I can not spite one who is against prop 8. To me its more of a liberal tool, so they can get more votes. After all politicians do love to play for the vote.. While i do support and hope the people do pass it one day. there are other ways for 2 same sexes to take care. I already have a lawyer on mine. While one might disagree, I dont buy there homophobe. As long as there not mean, thats all I care about. LEt people live there lives, and also let safe couples live there lives. And for those who do support gay marriage, keep fighting the good fight. And for those who dont, as long as you dont hate becuase of it . We can still be friends. Love is love after all.
peace and be good to each other.

Ally said...

hmmm i agree with you, but religion is religion and that is life for some people so they can't change what that dictates.

SnickerDoodle said...


i agree with most of what you said but i don't really have enough to my opinion to say much at this point


but you're dead on we need to accept all people

Morena said...

Exactly Ally.
So people just need to accept Derek's opinion.

sarah said...

I completely agree with this post. I was definitely for NO on prop 8, but I have friends who were YES, but I didn't try to sway their opinions. Some people have to realized that EVERYONE has their OWN opinions! You can't change someone's view on something that they've been taught was wrong (or right) their entire lives.

deko and posh said...

here is the website

lam said...

"So people just need to accept Derek's opinion"

No Morena, by accepting his opinion it's tolerating his discrimination.

Mr. L-C said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing that. I wish that all my students were as thoughtful and understanding as you are. Though I don't believe that you can see people's souls/spirits/energies I do think that you can sense them and yours is clearly beautiful.

Charm said...

oh wow, WELL SAID!