Friday, February 20, 2009

REVIEW: NY Fashion Week Fall 09 RTW

***LAST Day of Fashion Week added just now. (Feb. 20, 2009)

I was writing this up as I watched each show. For some reason, a lot of my opinions for the various collections were the same.

Last Day of Fashion Week:

Isaac Mizrahi: CLICK HERE

Love the purse hats. What happened to the rest?

Libertine: CLICK HERE

Johnson and Pamela have such a je ne sais quoi about their clothes. They can pull off the feel of an androgynous look, yet still keep every piece uber feminine. Style is their strength.

Rebecca Taylor: CLICK HERE

Can I just say how wonderful she is? The slight not to the femmes were amazing. I loved the unfinished hems. Effortless chic went a tad too far though on some looks. One word: Steamer.


Oh Vera. *yawns* How boring hon.


Dear Zac, you made my life with this look: click This one too: click

How is it that you NEVER let me down? After this very disappointing season, I opened your collection already Fashion Weeked out. But you excited me all over again. You reminded me why I'm even doing this.

Earlier this Week:

Donna Karan: CLICK HERE

AMAZING evening dresses, however the rest of her collection was uninspiring. To me, it was a tad reminiscent of a Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti collection from past runways.

Which brings me to the Philosophy collection…

Philosophy by Alberta Ferreti: CLICK HERE

oh gosh I adored some of the uber feminine pieces accessorized with chiffon scarves or silk belts. However, again I was quite disappointed with the rest of the collection


This collection was uninspiring and got too monotone. After a while, you start to see the same dress over and over again. And also…hated the hair and make-up.

Pamela Roland: CLICK HERE

Very cliché and so predictable for a fall runway.

What happened Pamela?

Badgley Mischka: CLICK HERE

Did this not remind you of Romney’s collection from project runway? Too reminiscent for me. Why do these designers keep disappointing?

Okay, so I just finished reviewing Halston. CLICK HERE

Now that’s what I needed. When a collection is put out, you should feel inspired and feel the need to improve YOUR style because of what you saw. That’s how I know a collection is amazing. Because right after I see it, I’m inspired to play around with my own wardrobe and style. Halston wasn’t utterly amazing, but the collection was innovative and cohesive.


There were unique patterns on certain dresses that I just adore. However, the rest of the collection looked like it came out of a forever 21 and The Gap. Disappointing. Again.

Max Azria was definitely a breath of fresh air. Not too much to say. However, a bit more color please? CLICK HERE

Behnaz Sarafpour: CLICK HERE

Hated the hair, first of all. Second, it was just okay. This collection is one of those that you just shrug.

(***Side Note:I agree with what a friend of mine said. Some of these designers are a little TOO reminiscent of Balmain, spring 2009 couture.)

Marc by Marc Jacobs: CLICK HERE

He redeemed himself finally. Je j’adore (I love) the quirkiness of this collection. Amazing Marc, very cute. Love the tights and scarves. The little hint to vintage was lovely. Finally a breath of innovation hits me.


Boring. Sigh. The. End.

Oh gosh, just finished seeing Erin Fetherston. CLICK HERE

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Her collections are always styled so amazingly. And I can see the thought process that goes into the styling of the overall look. I loved. She never disappoints me.


So so lovely. So much better than spring. Great Diane, you got your mojo back…oh and your florals! The styling was impeccable. She had fun with this one and I like that. Considering how long she’s been in the business it’s nice that you can still sense her passion. (Although I didn’t know what to sense with that velvet leopard suit. Not working.)

3.1 Phillip Lim: CLICK HERE

LOVED this. I loved this Phillip! The models looked like dolls, and the looks were so inspiring. Nothing was too monotone and it was lovely.

Oscar de La Renta: CLICK HERE

It takes time to learn to love this season’s collection. But after a while I started to see that genius again that Oscar puts into his clothes. It was a well paced show and I did not once question his color choices like I did with my other designers this season.

Proenza Schouler: CLICK HERE

Although I must admit some pieces were boring, I’m loving the comme de garcon feel of the whole line. The cohesiveness of the collection was definitely evident, but the pace of the show wasn’t that lovely. I wish certain looks came more towards the beginning so that the more complicated looks could be built upon.

Tory Burch: CLICK HERE

I see she went for the very urban, effortless chic look. It worked with certain looks but once the metallic dresses came out, you lost the whole essence of the line. Certain pieces were extraordinary, as always. But the whole show did not look like one collection from one season. However I must admit, Tory is one of the few brands that can maybe get away with it. Not this season though.


My heart stopped at the very third look. She even had Daisy Lowe who looked amazing by the way. But okay, what is up with that velvet black suit? Not liking that. What’s going on with the velvet people? At the end of the day, Anna is Anna. And styling was impeccable as always.

Nanette Lepore: CLICK HERE

By far my favorite collection this week. The whole show was very Morena. Just enough of a hint to vintage and yet it was so quirky. This is the first time this season that I would wear every outfit put out on that runway. Amazing. Impeccable Styling. Lovely. Can I just say, the feminine edge is quite wonderful. Nanette, you did wonderful. Wonderful indeed.

Marchesa: CLICK HERE

The avant-garde(ness) of a Marchesa dress usually is breathtaking. So why am I sensing a bit of tackiness? I’m not liking that. Oh and can I mention that the attempted effortless hair and makeup just came off as messy. There were only about three looks that I actually liked. What happened girls?

Betsey Johnson: CLICK HERE

Okay, Betsey is my second favorite this week. Some outfits bordered on tacky, but she's Betsey Johnson. It's how she rolls. One thing is for sure, she never disappoints.

It'd be lovely to know your thoughts and favorites.
Now that fashion week's over, what else is there to do anyway? So comment.



Ally said... i'm commenting because you told me too...haha
ones i like: (it won't let me look at dvf....:(....)

mischka - 12th, and last.
fetherstone - 18, 23, 27, 28, 29, 33 and 34
Oscar - 22, 23, 27, 29, 30, 40, 41, 48, & 2nd to last.
marchesa- (he's my fave of all of them) love them all, esp 23 & the light purple long one.

Jennifer said...

Aughhh! I am so overwhelmed by everything you posted I don't even know where to begin.
But let me try.
First, I want everything by Nanette Lepore. I adore her. Second, Phillip Lim's collection: stunning. Third, that purple and pink puff piece by Betsey Johnson makes me want to find some 17 year old boy at the mall to take me to his prom.
And yes, Shopaholic is the best series ever!! :) I thought the movie was a cute twist on it. I'm glad they changed it up a little.
I'm coming to LA this summer! My dad is attending a convention there and I'm tagging along for the free ride. Hehe.

tiffanyrebecca said...

whoa, i loved like all of it. my fave is always marc jacobs, but i like oscar de la renta stuff now too. thanks for this post, i would have never seen these.

Morena said...

You're welcome Tiff.
No problem.
Fashion IS my life remember.

Anonymous said...

for the record I say things "make my life". how could you not know this?

Mary said...

I looove fetherson and DVF + Tracey Reese were both fantastic! I think this NYFW the female designers really stole the show!