Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Give and Share LOVE Day

Spread the love, but don't be hateful if you don't have a Valentine. A holiday is just that...another holiday. Celebrate and be merry. Happy Single Awareness Day! Or Valentine's Day.

With Love,


Meredith said...

valentines day is stupid.
i'm not bitter.
i just think its a stupid holiday.

but nice post.

the end.
ps my blog is back

ebony said...

happy (late) valentines day Morena :)

Charm said...

Oh I celebrated single in my own little way :-) Happy Vday! I totally heard a cute interview with Erin McCarley on a local radio station. She sounds so much better live.

Charm said...

Oh and I meant to say that I added you on my "required reading" list :-) Sorry it took so long!

Megan said...

I had a wonderful valentine's day with my single friends :)
How was your day?

Charm said...

It is me, as a matter of fact. On one of the best nights of my life, that my friend so miraculously captured. Thank you for adding me :-)

Ashley said...

Cute picture, happy belated valentines!

tiffanyrebecca said...

oh MY gosh morena! those are like my all time absolute FAVORITE candies and i couldn't find em anywhere this valentines day, funny huh. anyways, did you really take that picture cuz i'd kill for a few. bring some maybe?