Thursday, January 22, 2009

You can Quote me...

An ongoing collection of my favorite quotes that I have made up myself and have written on this blog, the italicized words indicate where you can find these quotes.

"My dreams don't drive me, I drive them." -Profile

"Vintage is my love. Negativity is not." -Profile

I like to think I'm the modern day Audrey Hepburn. -Profile

"If my life were a piece of art, it would be one of those that you think is easily figured out and you point the obvious. Then you look deeper and realize that I had some hidden secrets."
""I may act open book, but who says I haven't torn out any pages?"
-Thoughts Post (Both quotes above)

"To other people I'm a little girl HOPELESSLY devoted to an
In my mind, I'm a little girl HOPEFUL and devoted to my quite
"Ambition is something I was born with, therefore my belief in myself is inevitable."
-Fashion Post (Both quotes above)

"What we have here is a dreamer. But I'm different because I'm a dreamer that makes things happen."
(Part of this quote was courtesy of my friend Raven.)

"What makes the world a better place? It’s the little things. It’s the good intentions you hold in the silence of your hearts. Remember that sometimes, it the silence that speaks the loudest." -Thoughts Post

"That's something I truly wish for, and try to make happen...for the world to feel like a good place that's meant to make you happy. I may not be helping large masses of people, but this is me trying you know?" -Thoughts Post

"I've always believed what you perceive the world as, is what the world will become for you."-Thoughts Post


Raven said...

:) lol the quote is actually from The Virgin Suicides - it just stuck out to me when I read the book. But it describes you so well. You do dream a lot, but its deffinitly a good thing. Dreams lead to much more.

I love this post.

amynicola_ox said...

i love the fashion post quote! i was like, go girl wheni read it :)

meg said...

What did you mean by "are you the meg I know?"

Anne Marie said...

i like the possible dreams one.
AND i like the skirt in the post below :]

*~tiffy_p00h~* said...

kul quotes oh and i am deleting fashion iz me blog and replacing it with another one im still followuing urs but i just wanted to let u know

much luv<3

Megan said...

Enjoyed the quotes (:
btw.. it's megan from the forums ;)
I finally got a blog.heh

amynicola_ox said...

have you fallen off the face of the earth - i havent seen you on msn in a while lol hope all is well`xo.

*~tiffy_p00h~* said...

that faceinhole thing is sooooo cool is it free if it is i am making one