Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who is this Morena person?

This blog in itself is basically an epitome of who I am, do you agree? However, I DID realize yesterday that I never actually did a post on who this "Morena" (that's me) person is. That's going to change right now so here goes...


I grew up Catholic and I still am. I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes I stray away from my Catholic roots, although it's not something to be PROUD of. Growing up in this day and age, I have taught myself to be more open minded. So this past November, not many approved of the fact that I was a "NO" for Prop 8. I really didn't mind because I am who I am, and I believe no opinion is ever really right so I'll just stand for my own. I also grew up not necessarily "poor" but I wasn't as well-off as I am right now. I don't really play victim because of the way I grew up, because I am only 14 now and I'm a pretty happy person. :)

-Become a Stylist like Rachel Zoe.
-Become editor-in-chief of TeenVogue or Vogue.

-The fashion world.
-Taking pictures.
-Drying up flowers myself.
-Giving or receiving flowers because it makes me happy.

-I want to be able to change the fashion world in a way that makes it more open minded. So many people now tend to focus on what's "in style" rather than what's their style. Becoming the editor-in-chief of a magazine will give me the network I need to be able to influence the fashion world. Plus the fact that my loves are writing, art, and quite obviously fashion.

-I've had a chance to meet Steve Madden along with Chantal (cycle 9? of ANTM) at a Nordstroms fashion event down in L.A.
-I've also had the chance to talk to and meet designer Ashley Paige.
-I LOVED that I started this fashion blog. It's such a great way to express who I am without actually having to say anything about me. (Except on this post)
-I really loved that I got to talk to Katie from Stylista. I've mentioned it a lot because it really makes me smile when I think about how nice she is. Hopefully I'll run into her down here in Southern Cali one day.

***Do you realize that all my favorite things that have happened, I made happen MYSELF? This brings me to my last topic...

I've never been a person to let fate control me. I'm very much a free spirit because my personality is very happy-go-lucky and I DO love it. And I may go with wherever life takes me, but I know that I'm the one that can really move myself along. So as I said on the sidebar of my blog...I'm a dreamer that makes things happen and that's really all I can say.

With Love,


lamaa said...

Oh. Well when I said you weren't a free spirit it was because most people use that term to describe very sexual people who just like to have fun in that sense..haha.

I also think you're very determined to make things happen for you... so when I said you weren't a free spirit it was because you don't sit back and let life carry you along because that what it means. Like a hippie I suppose.

Hahah I also knew everything on this blog..

What do you mean by "not many approved of the fact that I was a "NO" for Prop 8."

Who didn't approve?

ebony! said...

hmmm, interesting.

ally said...

"Do you realize that all my favorite things that have happened, I made happen MYSELF?"

love that

Morena said...

Oh Ally. ;) thanks.

Raven said...

This looks familiar...


Dreamers are my favorite types of people :)

amynicola_ox said...

I loved this post, it's so honest!
You're a go getter, and they succeed! So glad,I had a chance to get talking to you

Morena said...

Thanks Amy :)

And Ray: I thought I took that one line from Lamaa. Hehe. It was either you, her, or Ally.

Katie <3 said...

I loved seeing your interests and such :]

I liked reading allll about you!! It was greeeatt :D

pickle* said...
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