Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Art of an Innocent Child

I like to dry up flowers in big heavy books.

I may not be the most amazing photographer, nonetheless, art is a huge part of my expression and pure existence and any form of it is just soul satisfying.

(These flowers had fallen off and were in the driveway, about to be swept away by the gardener. It's a shame how humans are constantly wasting inspiration. I'm so glad I saved them, they were just too beautiful.)

(Sunshine makes everything more breathtakingly gorgeous.)

If my life were a piece of art, it would be one of those that you think is easily figured out and you point the obvious. Then you look deeper and realize that I had some hidden secrets.

I may act open book, but who says I haven't torn out any pages?

How do you like the new song by the way?


Meredith said...

I liked this post...

it wasn't so... superficial?

LOL... what I meant was that is that it was very simple, and pure.. i liked it..

Those flowers are beautiful.

And yes.. its actually an antibiotic. I have a family friend that's a doctor, and he prescribed it to me..

If you go to a dermatologist and request an antibiotic such as minocycline, or solodyn, I'm sure he'll be able to help you..

If your acne is EXTREMEEEE like.. horrible, accutane is even an option for some. but I've seen pics and you have nothing on your face..

but just go to a dermatologist... doctors can clear your face up right away.

especially with your clear complection.

Morena said...

Thanks <3 That's exactly what I was aiming for. I've been uninspired lately, but then I came across these flowers so... :)

And thanks, I'll keep that in mind. My pictures are okay I guess but it's not as perfect as you think. Clear is not exactly the word. Haha, but it's not too bad.

Kylie said...

"I may act open book, but who says I haven't torn out any pages?"

DUDE, i love that.

Lam said...

The flowers are so pretty Morena, carnations right?
My mom's favourite flowers.

tiffanyrebecca said...

OMG i didn't realize how SUPERB your blog really is! This post is my favorite, you must have an A in english 'cause just by reading some of this stuff I would think you're like a college student.

So anyways.. love the layout, love the song, love the pictures.

Alright cya !

Laura Anais said...

Hello Morena Doll.
a sweet loving comment right back at you.
byebye dreamer x
MiuMiu Doll

Taylor said...

uhmm.. I wouldnt know. my dad bought it for me. I'd assume it isnt outrageous.. but just go to a dermatologist.. they'll know what to do for you.

ally said...

love the last one. its stunning. i go home in approxmatly 6 hours and am pulling another all night with my cousin....and i'm rambling where i won't allow myself to ramble.

anyway...'meredith' said you have acne issues. use marykay spot treatment stuff. its the only thing that has ever worked for me. ever.

Lains said...

Your photography is beautiful. It reminds me that there IS an end to this horrible winter weather.