Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hopelessly Inspired

Going through life, I think I'm way too inspired for my own good.
The world around me inspires me everyday.

And I have such a long list of people that inspire me and it just makes me want to be a stylist and Editor-in-Chief already! If you don't already know it, I want to, and will become a stylist (like Rachel Zoe) and Editor-in-Chief of Elle (like Robbie Myers) or TeenVogue (like Amy Astley)...but most likely Vogue, as Anna Wintour. A lot of the time I think about giving up the Editor-in-Chief position, however I have many years left to debate over it so I'm leaving it alone for now. Either way, I get inspired so easily and by the littlest things and fashion ends up being all I think about. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to your judgment.

I personally LOVE it. What is so wrong with always dreaming about the one industry that I'm absolutely in love with? Every time I think of what my future will be like, it just splashes a smile across my face. It's quite amazing.

Ambition is something I was born with, therefore my belief in myself is inevitable.

To other people I'm a little girl HOPELESSLY devoted to an
In my mind, I'm a little girl HOPEFUL and devoted to my quite

Did you know everywhere I go, I carry around Rachel Zoe's book, "Style A to Zoe?" And whenever I look at it, I get the weirdest feeling almost like an adrenaline rush. Observing Rachel Zoe's life through her show and book feels like looking into a crystal ball, in a sense. It makes me crave the fashion industry and I end up doing things I would've never attempted. (e.g. Becoming founder and President of my own fashion club my Freshman year of high school.)

Purely passion and ambition has led me down the path of positive ascendancy. (Look it up I now have control of my own life and where I'm going. If you had told me last year that I would have my own fashion club, have had the chance to meet Steve Madden, Ashley Paige, and have gotten to talk to one of the sweetest people ever from my favorite show... I would've thought you were not well, or at least a pathological liar. But now I believe in a lot more.

I can't even wrap my head around having a "normal" life. It would be quite odd seeing Morena sitting in an office doing data entry. There really isn't anything wrong with a normal life (my mom's even an accountant), it's probably better than life in the fast lane. But I want to be able to say "I do what I love, and Love what I do." I'm definitely getting an internship this summer, I have too much of a work ethic to be sitting around. Being serious, in my fourteen years of life, I never once considered having a normal job, I would go psycho. I really can't even imagine at all. (if you knew me, you'd understand.) Big things will happen because they CAN, and I will make them happen.

The world can just watch out for Morena Doll.
She will become one of

It took me almost an hour to put this together. Picture Credit is on the actual picture. Enlarge for better view.

With Love,


Meredith said...

honestly.. i dont think you have to worry about achieving any of your dreams..

simply because of the fact that you're so set on them... and you've already accomplished so much already related to the dream you hope to live out.. that it would only be right for you to achieve it..

if that makes any sense..

basically.. my point is: that it wouldnt be normal for you to grow up and be an accountant.

because that's not where your heart is.. your heart is in fashion.. and that's what you'll become.


Morena said...

Thanks Mer. Thanks.
I'm going to edit my post now because I forgot to say that I would NEVER be able to settle for a normal life. Read my post in like ten minutes. I'm editing it.

Meredith said...

Well when you get older... and become whoever you chose to be.

You best not forget your big sister. ;)

Morena said...

Oh you know I won't. You KNOW it. How many times must we go over this?

Lauren said...

Mo, you know what i think! i think that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. just look at all that you have accomplished in a year! just continue on with everything that you are doing and i am positive that you will achieve every one of your goals.

Meredith said...

haha.. until you prove it. ;)

amynicola_ox said...

Had to leave you another comment. Love the layout, love this post. Like I've said you're gonna do well. You are the most driven 14 year old I've ever had the chance to meet or talk to in my life, so mature and an inspiration to your blog readers, you will forever remain a link on my page. Hope we get to keep talking :)

ebony said...

Nothing is impossible Morena. People will always hate but its great that you hold onto your dreams :D

lam said...

At least one of us is going places :)

SnickerDoodle said...

you're going places, i swear

can i have your autograph for when you're rich and famous???

Samson said...

I will say this much. I wish I had your confidence at your age. Just remember us little people

DazedandConfusing said...

loved it!

very inspiring :)

Emmy said...

twas brilliant.

I always love being inspired by someone who is chasing their dreams like me.

I dont really want a career in fashion.

I plan on making films. writing and directing them. casting a majority of indie actors with raw talent, and edge.

We'll be famous together.

Meg said...

ah. that was great! I've been thinking about colleges/careers lately and that post is exactly what's been on my mind.

La Femme Chic said...

You should share some of your inspiration, motivation or dedication with me. I definitely need some. :)

Meredith said...

lol... the medicine?

Minocycline my love...

works wonders.

and yeahh.. lol. we were mean on TV...

but then i left, and everyone got all nice...

i guess the problem is solved. ;)


Stevieanne said...

Morena i am in love with your blog because you say everything that I am thinking, you just say it in such a more motivational and self-driven way.
I am also only 15 and people tell me to stop dreaming of being a stylist/future Whitney Port/Art Director of Teen Vogue, but THEY ARE WRONG and you proved to me that I am right in saying that i can do anything that i set my mind to doing.
You are probubly the most driven and self-motivated person i know my age, thanks for being my role model =] =] =]

PS; i would die to meet you!!

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