Friday, January 16, 2009

The Encouragement Factor

Picture Credit: Morena

Many things can be uplifting for the spirit. Weather it's a sunrise, or compliments. Just read on...

I'm President of my own fashion club at my high school and we did a model casting for our fashion show yesterday. I cast the most gorgeous girls on campus and they had amazing walks. A couple of these girls were absolutely, exceptionally beautiful.

There were 4 special girls named: Chelsea, Kristina, Avalon, and Katharine. They were just a different kind of beauty and I was more than ecstatic to become friends with them through this casting. Anyway, I literally think Chelsea is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life. And Kristina had the most amazing walk I've ever seen, even better than the models that I'm constantly studying in Vogue and various fashion shows.

So all day yesterday after the casting, I felt so happy that I found these girls, but I felt a feeling of inferiority that I have not felt since I was about 12.
I just kept saying how pretty these girls were but then two of my friends, both named Tiffany gave me the most amazing compliments I've ever received.

Tiffany O. : "I think you, Chelsea, Kristina, Avalon, and Katharine are pretty in your own different ways.

Tiffany M. : "No, I think you're all pretty in the SAME way. You and Chelsea are the prettiest ones there."

Words may easily hurt people, but words with a sense of encouragement are so uplifting when it comes to my spirit. It's so amazing to even be compared to these girls, especially the beautiful Chelsea and Kristina, it made me smile. Life is amazing right now. Amazing.
And so I'm very encouraged to start modeling now, I'm not going to say how yet, but I already have an idea. Knowing me, it will happen very soon.

With Love,

P.S. The door of modeling just opened up for me because of these girls. Inspiration comes to me yet again.


Anonymous said...

Awee... well i'm glad you'vee found some new friends!!



Morena said...

I know right? Thanks girl.
I know who this is. ;)

katie! said...

aw morena! I'm happy for you, and i'm glad its all working out in a beneficial way for you :] You really are truely amazing <3

Raven said...

hahah you assumed right... Of course I've seen Gia (I also own it). Its brilliant. Angie was amazing in that movie. I love it. I'm glad you liked it! :)

And I'm glad you found models that you like. You need a a club picture and put it on here.

tiffanyrebecca said...

omg i'm on your blog! haha i feel so special.

Chelsea K. said...

Wow, you are so sweet! I feel so honored to be in your fashion blog, and I can't wait to model in the show with you!

Kristina Y. said...

Morena, you're so sweet, your blog was so flattering! thanks so much, Kristina

p.s. i'm definitely planning to join the club!

fashion_iz_me2009 said...

thanks for the music website<3