Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yet ANOTHER Rachel Zoe post...

Turns out I've been completely MIA with Rachel Zoe's situation.
Her Hollywood Hills home/studio was broken into late October.
Thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewelry were taken.

I feel bad because everyone keeps making fun of the fact that she's "totally freaking out." I'm SURE she is! Losing important pieces could ruin her relationships with certain designers. Whoever robbed Rachel was very smart but cruel. She's the most sought after stylist in the world, and they have the audacity to try and bring her down by robbing her. Well I just have ONE MESSAGE to those people:
(and you can quote me) Rachel Zoe runs a fashion empire and it won't end until SHE herself, gives up on it. Fashion mavens may feel broken sometimes, but they are never shattered. Nothing can bring down the Zoe Camp.

Rachel feels so victimized by the press, but she really shouldn't. She's too amazing for that. So anyway, in OTHER Rachel news:
This past month everyone's been talking about Rachel Zoe getting "scary skinny."
Read this article from OBSERVER.COM

I don't believe Rach is an anorexic. I think she's just skinny(like she always has been), and the pressure of her life is pushing her dramatic weight loss.

I just hope Rachel will be fine. Bravo! has granted her yet another season of "The Rachel Zoe Project" coming up. I really can't wait.
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Yes its an ode to maybe thanks for the comment I will be checking out your blog I hope you do the same for me!