Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Why so Serious?"

That line seems to be famous now and every time I hear the word "serious" I associate it with the color gray. So speaking of that wonderful color, I have a trend report update.

Do not ask me how, but I just know that gray is going to be huge this fall.


Black nails are completely out, however gray nails are moving their way into the empty spot left as a Fall trend. This trend has been a natural progression because the punk look is on it's way out, and high fashion on it's way in. Gray is such a representative of high fashion because it is a neutral that works with absolutely any color.

Here's a conversation I had with my friend Sam:

[17:45] SammN:Going to get my presents tomorrow. getting mani pedi as well
[17:45] MorenaRena: OH that's amazing. I'm going shopping as well.
[17:45] SammN: have fun. Any color ideas
[17:46] MorenaRena: Color ideas for your Mani-Pedi?
[17:46] SammN: yep
[17:46] MorenaRena: Gray is huge this fall.
[17:46] MorenaRena: Gray nails are going to be huge. Might as well be fashion forward NOW.
[17:46] SammN: cool, might just do that. They are so tacky
[17:49] MorenaRena: What are so tacky?
[17:50] SammN: my nails, they have looked better
[17:50] MorenaRena: Well yes, gray is very in this fall.
[17:50] SammN: thanks, bud .

That conversation inspired this post. I hope you girls listen because you know you can trust me. Gray is the color of the fall, IF you wear it you will be more fashion-forward than them all.

Morena's Fall MUST HAVES:

Well that is really all for right now. Happy Holidays everyone.

With Love,


B said...

oooh, I saw that grey skirt when I was on Gap's website a while ago. it's uber cute! ha I love skirts, and yes, grey is a very rad colour. It shows power, independence, and practicality. Well that's what I think, anyway. Haha. Heart your blog!

Morena said...

Thanks "Lily" :) I will be hitting up your blog soon as well. ;)