Friday, December 19, 2008

Spring '09: Fashion Week

If you scroll down this wonderful place that I call my fashion blog, you will see a post about:

JOHANNA COX (the winner of Stylista)

and a post on a new fall trend. I was reading my own blog and then I realized something was missing.

In the mass chaos of starting high school this past September, I never got to discuss the Spring 2009 shows during Fashion Week...such a shame.

The biggest disappointment I had this season came from the House of Classic American Designer, Michael Kors. Most of the articles in the show seemed quite silly and looked like it jumped right out of a Jughead or Betty and Veronice Double Digest. Although I DO love those books, I don't like how it translated on runway. Kors has done better, and I hope he will in February during the Fall 09 shows. One piece that I DID love though, was the yellow polka-dot bikini. That was ridiculous adorable. There really were some highlights in that show, however it wasn't as great as it could be.

One of my favorites was definitely Luella during Paris Fashion Week. Each piece had so much thought put into it. The entire collection was very quirky and just smart, almost too smart because some people had criticized it as "granny-like." The only thing I could possibly say is that it was missing a little fetish quality that would've given the timeless pieces, an edge.
Judge for yourself:

Now with DVF, I was somewhat disappointed. I adore Dianne but the collection didn't seem like it was very her. I felt a different vibe when I saw highlights from the show. I didn't hate it, however I wasn't jumping in my seat as I do when I see a Furstenburg collection. Here it is:

Of course this past September, Oscar did not disappoint. As always, I had to gasp for air when I saw the De La Renta gowns walking down that ramp. He didn't play into too many trends this season, however, that is what I loved about the collection. It is yet another timeless omnibus for the House of De La Renta. You MUST see it for yourself:

Tell me what you thought.

Looking forward to it




This is my favorite designer :)Always, forever.

Morena said...

Which one is your favorite?

Anonymous said...

I agree for the most part, but Alexander McQueen's models looked like they had just exited the birthing canal.

It was disturbing

Morena said...

That's hilarious Danielle. :) but I agree. When we discussed the shows a couple of weeks ago, I didn't see McQueen's...but I checked it out just now.