Wednesday, December 31, 2008

REVIEW: The City (with Whitney Port)


So just this morning, I finally got around to watching "The City" on my TiVo. Of course it was a lot like The Hills with how it opened scenes with little inside looks into the nooks and cranny's of New York City. I definitely liked the IDEA of this show because you get a small peek of what it is like to work in a "designer's world." The only other show that did that was "Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust." Anyway, back to the main topic, The City.

So I took a close observation of each character, or they would say cast of "The City" and here's a little review of my thoughts on each person.

WHITNEY: She's quite obviously the main character and although I wasn't too fond of her on The Hills, I think it was only because I was too distracted by LC whom I adore. Watching Whit on this first episode made me smile. I liked that she kept her Cali girl style while stomping around the streets of NYC. You don't see anyone around her walking with a chiffon mini dress and ankle-strapped heels. I LOVED that she didn't change herself just for her surroundings. My prediction (as the weather gets colder) is that she will eventually evolve into at least a coat-wearing girl but she will always stick to her Cali roots.

OLIVIA: All I can say is that she has the potential to start all kinds of trouble, yet you know everyone else craves her lifestyle. Oh and she looks like little mixes of LC AND Lo at the same time, but she has Heidi's voice. Ironic.

JAY: He can be either very good or very bad for Whitney. It's hard to tell from this first episode.

ERIN: She's what I call a "mover-along" girl. The type that moves the show along and makes Whitney elaborate more on the drama that goes on. Whenever she talks to Whitney all they talk ABOUT is Whitney. So basically Erin is the new Whitney for The City and Whitney is the new LC, although NO ONE could ever replace Lauren.

Yet another "mover-along." He and Jay are Spencer and Brody, however I can't tell which one is which yet.


1. Jay definitely looks like trouble now.
2. Erin looks so cute with her bangs up and out of her face.
3. Olivia looks like Leighton Meester.
4. Adam's girlfriend Allie will definitely start coming into the picture.
5. It's weird hearing Whitney's voice instead of Lauren's narrating.
6. SINCE WHEN did Kelly become "friend" to Whitney? It's a bit confusing how all of a sudden they have this "personal relationship."

What a way to start the year huh? Heres to yet another show to obsess and blog about.

That's it for now...


P.S. I take back what I said earlier last month when I said Whitney was not qualified for this new DVF job. You see I thought she'd be involved with the designing aspect of the House of Furstenburg, however she's working the PR! She is most definitely more than qualified for that.


Raven said...

hmm I don't really watch those shows.

I used to though. I just don't really watch anything anymore.

I might start though. It sounds entertaining enough. lol

A lot of people were talking about it.

Celebrity Gossip said...

I never watch that show but it sounds like It make you smile or laugh..I want to watch this episode.I hope i could.

Elene said...

omg I totally agree with you on EVERYTHING!! I love this show so far.. I can't wait til next Monday!! :)