Wednesday, December 31, 2008

REVIEW: 2008 Fashion, Drama, Events, etc.


"In with the old and out with the new."

Let's Reflect shall we?

1. I joined the TeenVogue forums in March.
2. I graduated 8th grade on June 12th.
3. I turned 14 on June 15th.
4. I started a fashion blog in June!
5. I met and got to know designer Ashley Paige September.
6. I started a fashion club and became President in September.
7. I started high school in September.
8. I got to talk to Katie from Stylista!

My style definitely went through a series of changes and it evolved. I think it got better and better as time went on, and yet it is still ever changing. I wear what I want according to my mood. My style ranges from:
Bohemian to high fashion, to girly, to edgy/punk, to preppy to simplistic chic, and to iconic and timeless. My fashion icons are scattered into their own little labels from: Audrey Hepburn, to Sarah Jessica Parker, to Shalom Harlow, to Rachel Zoe to P!nk, to Kate (from Stylista) to Greta Garbo, to Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Madonna to Chelsea Handler and SO much more. These women are so different yet I channel them when I'm in a fashion dilemma.

This year I rediscovered my old self and found who I am. Ever since I was little I have LOVED fashion. However as a seventh grade girl, I lost track of myself in the midst of all my "punk" friends, therefore I kind of through fashion out the window. It was right when I entered 8th grade that I started to find my fashion-self again. I REALLY found it during the course of this year and part of the reason is this fashion blog. So my NEW DREAM is to become a Stylist like Rachel Zoe and become the editor-in-chief of TeenVogue.

I never had it, until now. I learned that confidence didn't come from whether or not people THOUGHT you were, you just had to not care. And once you accomplish that and are happy with yourself, there you go...that's what you call confidence!

I got into A LOT of friend drama as well as a LOT of trouble. That's all there is to say. ;)

My year was great, only one word to really describe it: blissful.
I had the most amazing, as well as the worst moments of my life this year, but no regrets this time around. I wouldn't change a thing.

So friends, as this year ends, all I can wish is that my fabulous readers will keep following this blog for this upcoming year and hope you all have a great one! Heres to a new beginning!

With Love,

P.S. My ONLY New Year's resolution is: Let the world around me know how beautiful and amazing it is and that I appreciate every moment of it. So basically I need to stop complaining and show more gratitude. That's my best resolution yet. <3



You are sweet. Talking to someone like you makes doing a show like that all worth it. I'm trying hard to write my resolutions, but I keep crying!

Morena said...

Aw thanks Katie. :)

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Happy New Year to you too Morena ;)

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PS. I made a new blog

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