Saturday, December 20, 2008


(Photo from: StylistaFanatic)
YOU HAVE NO IDEA how happy I am.
I have just been talking to Kate from Stylista today! (via email)
Oh my goodness you guys, she's so hilarious and just as wonderful as I thought. She was definitely a favorite of mine from the show and she's actually been talking to ME. Oh and she commented on this blog too! Katie's an amazing girl, and she made me laugh and smile today. I love ya Katie, thank you!
You are so beautiful and so sweet.

With Love,


Jackie said...

I love kate. =]

Morena said...

Of course, ME TOO <3

Stace said...

definitely wanted dyshaun to win....jus glad kate didnt...she was beyond annoying

Morena said...

Oh my goodness. I don't know why people do this. Why must everyone say comments like this? Can't we fend off the negative? What's done is done. Kate's happy now.


big sisterr said...

link it...