Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IN MORENA'S CLOSET: "You're gonna get the boot..."

I have recently added new pieces to my already profound closet. First off, I got this new jacket/coat last week and I absolutely love it. And I got these new gray boots because it rained on Monday and it was way too cold to be wearing flats around again on Tuesday. (You see, I don’t really own tennis shoes.) So on Monday night, I rushed over to target and bought these cute little ankle booties and I wore them for the first time today (since it rained again).

When I first bought the boots I had NO IDEA what to wear with them. I got home and tried to put together outfits, but nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t find any tops that I thought were complimentary to the boots, so I decided not to wear them on Tuesday.

However, today (Wednesday) was a different story…

This morning, I found this cute purple top that I haven’t worn for about a month and I was more than ecstatic to re-discover it hanging in the back of my closet. I always say that my favorite outfits come from my impromptu “pull-togethers”…and today, I proved that again. Anyway, after I found that top, I put on my new jacket and some jeans, and ran out the door. I’m so glad to have FINALLY found an outfit to go with my booties. All my girls from the TeenVogue forums are probably saying “I told you so.” (Because I thought I would have to take the boots back, but they gave me ideas on how to wear them.)

Thanks Girls! You’re such dolls,


b said...

hey! first of all, you commented on my blog, and this isn't an_ode_to_maybe, it's vanillla. :)

secondly, LOVE the boots. i want a pair. and that outfit look's great!

Morena said...

thanks ;)

Sammie said...

I love those boots, I remember seeing them in target, but I was broke at the time.