Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Late Birthday Brit...

I watched Britney Spears' documentary two days ago. It was absolutely amazing. Last year and this past one, when Britney was at a point where no one believed she could make it, I DID. This documentary proved me right and that every perception people had of Britney was wrong, and only she could show that. Britney said she was "alone" and "sad." She feels like her life is in TOO MUCH control and I definitely agree. Who ever said therapists and psychologists could help her after the longest time? I love Britney so much and through this documentary...I realized that when she was famous as a young person, no one REALLY knew who she was. We saw Britney the performer. When I was young and growing up watching Britney, I was most definitely a fan of "Britney Spears" the character and image.
Which was this girl:

However now, I'm an admirer of Britney Spears...the human being. This lady right here:

I admire the fact that she can get through a lot in her life and yet still CHOOSE to be happy. Also, when she performed on Good Morning America for her 27th birthday, it was the first time in a long time that I saw her happy to perform. She was radiant. After singing "Circus" she smiled and she was just glowing and shining...and that was not just because there was a ring of fire behind her.

Here's an excerpt from my diary last year that I had to type up for english class...nothing too personal, but it says my feelings towards her:

January 20, 2008

Dear Diary,
All week my mind’s been accumulated with my thoughts about Britney…and I think you know which Britney I’m talking about. Today, I was actually watching something on VHI called Britney: Worst Year Ever, it was a 30-minute segment showcasing all the bad things that have happened in Britney’s life this past year. All the editors of major gossip magazines, like Us Weekly and Ok! were there doing commentary. They kept saying “Britney should turn her life around…” blah, blah, blah. The only reason people say that is because they know it’s what they have to say. But in reality, most people don’t want Britney to stop because they’re so fascinated by her, and they don’t want to stop talking about her. And I know that because people keep criticizing Britney right? Well, do you think that encourages her to want to do something better with her life? No! People say she should turn her life around, but then they name all the bad things she’s done wrong. She KNOWS what’s she’s done, all she really needs to hear from people is that she still has a chance. She really doesn’t care about the people who hate her, or disapprove of her choices. She just has to know that she has a chance and that’s it. If I could say one thing to everybody who takes even the least bit interest in Britney, it would be…if they want her to stop setting a bad example, then they need to stop with the negativity, especially the press. But again, people don’t want her to stop, they’re so fascinated by her. Now don’t get me wrong, I am too, and there’s no way I’m defending her actions, but I’m just thinking past everything. Unlike other people, who are so closed minded and don’t believe that Britney has even the smallest chance to put all this behind her. You know what I think’s going to happen though? If people don’t stop with the negativity, Britney will keep on going with her supposed “bad” choices. Then, she’ll lose custody of her kids, then commit suicide because she no longer has nothing to live for. People just really need to stop and mind their own business. I know I am…


That was from way back in January and yet I still feel exactly the same. Britney's an amazing girl. This time in her life should not be considered her "come-back" because she's always been here...but her "turn-around."

I only wish the best for her.

With Love,


Anonymous said...

I agree, A lot of people counted her out (including me) at a certain point I thought she would end up hurting herself.

But she's amazing to watch, when she got it.
Go Britney

lamaa said...

i love britney spears.
i AM britney spears.


Anonymous said...

i love britney[:
well i didnt at first, but i guess you made me wanna know about her more lol.

Morena said...

haha. awesome.
consider watching her documentary, it's amazing.