Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Couture HUNGRY: Johanna Edition

So Anne Slowey finally chose "the right fit."
Anne chose my favorite little STRUCTURED STYLISTA, Johanna Cox. I knew from the very beginning Johanna was going to win, however as the competition progressed…I actually felt like she needed to win. After hearing she had her own fashion blog, I hunted it down and searched all over the internet. After about 2 hours, I FINALLY discovered what it was called. While reading her blog, “A serious Job is no Excuse,” I saw even more how much alike Johanna and I were. I saw a lot of my personality in herself and her writing. Writing is my second love next to fashion. And I could see in her eyes that she feels the same passion for the industry as I do. Johanna and I are both couture hungry. One thing that really stood out to me last night was when Johanna said, "I just want something that feeds my soul." That’s when it hit me that she (as well as I) not only wanted nor needed her to win this job, but it was almost do or die. I’m so glad Johanna won. I applaud Anne Slowey (Fashion Director for Elle) for making the right decision. If only Anne and Johanna knew how genuinely happy I was to see the RIGHT person win.

(I circled who Johanna was for you.)

As it came down to only three finalists, it would be hard to choose which two would compete to win the VERY sought-out job of becoming a Junior Editor for Elle magazine. So it seemed as if only one person could make that important decision…Roberta Myers who is one of the few virtuosos of fashion left in this world. Roberta is the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and in the end, she chose DeShaun and Johanna to compete. I didn’t completely fall in love with that decision, but I was quite satisfied with Johanna moving forward. So after being chosen, the two finalists shot an actual cover shoot for Elle with Grammy winner Eve. And as I stated earlier, Johanna Cox was chosen for the job.

I was literally SHAKING minutes before finding out who won. The episode was going to end at 10 and it was about 9:54 PM when I started literally shaking and my head started to hurt because I was nervous (to put it in simple terms) for Johanna. I felt like if she had not been chosen, it would’ve made HER really sad, as well as myself. I really DO hope the best for Johanna. I'd die for her job, and I'd die to meet her someday. If there was anyone who inspires me as much and maybe even more than Rachel Zoe and Anna Wintour, it's Johanna Cox (the NOW Junior Editor for Elle Magazine)...and that's a really great compliment coming from me.

I can't wait to meet Johanna someday. I will always keep her in my mind because she is so amazing. I don't know her, but in a way I feel like I do. I feel as if Johanna is myself, but at a different age. Looking forward to talking to you someday Johanna. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

With Love,

P.S. Here's Johanna's wonderful blog just in case you wanted to see.


Allie said...

Out of all the people i liked william and cologne the best.... i'm just glad megan and katie didn't win

Morena said...

Now that's not really fair. I don't judge people on reality TV unless it's in a good way. For instance I'm very fond of Johanna(obviously), as well as Katie.

SantaHOHO said...

I LOVE JOHANNA. <33333333

Morena said...

OH I love her as well. Johanna's amazing, I see a lot of myself in her.

AbsoluteFashion said...

Yes I watched! It was kind of my guilty pleasure, Im pretty happy joanna one, she really wanted it and i think she will only learn more. I didnt mind dyshaun either though, im just so happy meghan didnt win!

FairyDust said...

Are they going to do a Season 2?

Morena said...

Fairy Dust:
I HOPE they do, but I highly doubt they will. There can't be that many positions open at Elle.

I just wanted to tell you her name is JoHanna, and yes she really wanted the job and deserved it. I was way more than happy. :)

LuvFashion2 said...

i'm glad johanna won. out of the final three, she deserved it the most.

i HATED deshaun, i thought he was rude and disrespectful to women. i would not read elle magazine if he won.

and megan seemed kind of arrogant to me. something about her rubbed me the wrong way lol

johanna was very intelligent, and down to earth...someone id like working for a magazine i read :]

Morena said...

I completely agree. I didn't like how DeShaun treated Katie and Johanna and everyone else. I think the world of the both of them and I don't understand what's wrong with him. At least now Katie and Johanna don't have to deal with him. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved Johanna! I just felt like she wanted it the most and her style was nice. The show had way more drama than I expected so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.