Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paris, Tuscany, Venice and MORE

I've never actually been to these places but you don't know that I'd kill to go. My dream vacations are: Paris, Milan, Tuscany, Rome, Sicily, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, and Bora Bora. Those are 9 adventures I'd have to take before I die. So, have you been/or want to be in any of the places I just named? What are you dream vacaes?
Fabulous Wishes



lalabee said...

i went to paris on spring break this year. it is fabulous
everyone looks like they've stepped out of a vogue...


MorenaRena said...

OH MY GOSH!! Do you know that I would DIE to go to Paris? If I had one last place to go in my life, I would choose Paris. DEFINITELY.

Sophie said...

i've been to paris, tuscany, and rome. all three were absolutely amazing, but tuscany seriously changed my life. you must go.