Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fashion Icons

My favorite fashion icons are a mix from the generations. Here is the list: Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marylin Monroe, Ginger Rogers, Twiggy, Grace Kelly, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Jean Shrimpton, Marlene Dietrich, and Sofia Coppola. I'm sure that there is much more but I can't think of all of them right now. I really want to become a fashion icon you know that? With my vintage-esque, girly look, I hope to achieve that sometime in the near future. I really really LOVE Twiggy though. She's super cute don't you think? I don't know why they had to replace her on ANTM just because they're in New York now. I LOVE Polina Porizkova too, but I just miss Twiggy. Tyra was all "It's time for changes." Twiggy should not have been one of them..although I really do like Polina. I wish they could keep both. Anyway, that's all for now. Fabulous Wishes!



NewYorkChique said...

hey morena, i tagged you on my post! =]

MorenaRena said...

Really?! YAY! I'm sorry tho, I might have to do it later. Cuz like I'm feeling sick and I JUST threw up.(gross right?) so ya..I dont feel good :(

NewYorkChique said...

awww feel better!
Okay I made the names clicky by copy and pasting the links that are on my blogroll (the right side of the page)...and tagging people really doesn't have any point, it just a way of telling people that you like these blogs very much. haha. hope you feel better! if you have any more questions, feel free to comment my blog/message me on teenvogue.

Shirley's Place said...

Those are great icons! I especially love the claasic ones like Garbo, Dietrich, Rogers.

MorenaRena said...

Thanks "NewYorkChique"...I feel better NOW. I just had some minor food poisoning. I was M.I.A. all day yesterday. But it's good now. And thanks Shirley :)

NewYorkChique said...

haha its okay
hm okay so you see the list of blogs that you have on the right side of your page?
highlight on of the names.
then click copy
and then paste it onto your post.
and if it comes out as a full website, then sometimes I'm able to just erase the "http://" and "" to leave the name. doesnt always work for me though. but you can try it!
are you on a mac by any chance? maybe thats why it isnt working?

MorenaRena said...

actually no. I'm a regular PC. But I'll try your way k?


my dear stylish Morena,

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MorenaRena said...

Thanks you guys! I'm linking you now

Jessie said...

hey its compliments from TeenVogue

the pregnant thing is a long story and it wont let me email you
i was but im not anymore, i didnt have an abortion, some dude killed it for me
yeah im pretty messed up atm
thank for all of your help :)

MorenaRena said...

OMG, OK well my email is "" You can try again if you want :) And you're very welcome. I'll visit your blog right now

iheartfashion said...

i love gwen stefani's style and her clothing line, i just cant afford it lol

MorenaRena said...'s cute. Her line isn't THAT badly priced...but some of the designs aren't worth it.

Natascha said...

Audrey and Twiggy are some of mine too,

MorenaRena said...

I can see that by your icon now. LOL :) thanks for checking out my blog.