Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chelsea Handler

OK, so you probably know by now that the celebrities I talk about in this blog are the ones I absolutely LOVE. Well this one's no exception, I LOVE Chelsea Handler. You wanna know why? She's brutaly honest but in a funny way, she can be a b**ch but also be a wonderful person, and it's her personality that just takes me. You see, she's: funny, sweet, charming, witty, has a good sense of style and on top of all that she's so super pretty. I watch her show everyday and most of the time I don't even know who her guests are, now if that were any other talk show I would change it right away. However, I like watching "Chelsea Lately" no matter what. Chelsea Handler is definitely in my top 3 favorite people EVER.



La Femme Chic said...

i love chelsea too.
chelsea lately is such an entertaining show

MorenaRena said...

Ya, thanks for posting comments on my site. BTW, I emailed you on at your femmechic7 email.

MorenaRena said...

OH and I don't know why some people hate Chelsea. I was just talking about her to my friend and she said she HATED HER. I HAD to defend Chelsea so I talked my friend into understanding her brutal honesty is more "personality dialysis."

Anonymous said...

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